Here’s to warm your hearts this lovely summer, hello working mothers, ladies, women, entrepreneurs, take advantage of our holiday deal and enjoy the wide range of benefits from our holistic health and well-being course, towards your wellness and healthier lifestyle, to help towards becoming a happier and more productive you, come onboard our mental and physical health booster course, click the link below, to get started, see you inside:

Please look out for the information here and be part of this positive move towards living healthy lifestyles which is what this course is centered on. It is especially essential during this period (pandemic) to ensure we live healthy in every way we can and this includes developing and maintaining a healthy mentality, good self esteem, adopting effective exercise regimen, effective time management in preparation for the future, financial management and progress in our career, all these, are to help us now and to prepare for the future, (after the pandemic). These are what you will benefit from my full course when you purchase it, i look forward to having you on board.

Published by Mauratee Tai

I am a working class/ entrepreneur mum of two, I have a passion to influence and help especially mums like me and others to achieve their potentials and live a well balanced life style, using my experience, acquired skills and knowledge. I also love trendy fashion, composing poems and song lyrics, singing and dancing are my passion. I will be sharing some of my experiences here and I encourage others to share so we can lift one another up.

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