We offer courses on healthy lifestyles and coaching (which includes one-on-one), and counselling services to help you achieve the better results that you’re after, regarding your health and wellness, time management and healthy living. We take on a holistic approach to well-being and offer advice based on learnt, skills, knowledge, experience, tried and tested method and strategies which we put forward, to help you maintain a better and happier lifestyle while reducing stress to as little as possible, all at affordable prices.
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Enjoy the wide range of benefits from our holistic health and well-being course, towards your wellness and healthier lifestyle, to help towards becoming a happier and more productive you, come onboard our mental and physical health booster course, click the link below, to get started, see you inside:

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I have broken my down my holistic health course into small phases, so you can choose which topic is of interest to you, or you can choose to have the whole package to enjoy a whole range of benefits that covers a wide range of health and well-being topics. This includes well planned methodologies which are easy to follow and apply to everyday life. For people who need quick guide and advice around my topic, we offer one-to-one counselling and coaching sessions, look in the ‘Coaching’ tab in menu above for more information.

Healthy lifestyle

I wrote the book above, on healthy living, for book lovers and covers some very important areas of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, such as weight loss, healthy diet and mental health. The kindle and paper back versions can be found on Amazon, click below to get yours:

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Having been through a hectic lifestyle of daily multitasking, joggling work, family, and business building, as a working mother, wife and an entrepreneur, i have developed, through studies, research and self help, some effective strategies to achieve a good balance between my work and family life, to create a happy and satisfying balance, be happier, less stressed and to enjoy my life. I have therefore, put together a holistic health and lifestyle online coaching of my strategies, with the help of my operation team, to help other mothers who are in the situation that i was, to achieve better results.

Take advantage of our unique counselling and coaching sessions on spiritual growth, if you desire to know Christ or to know Him more, and fulfil His purpose for you.

Wholesome living


You can study these course(s) at your own pace, but i encourage that you keep up to speed with it and not leave long gaps in between, so that you can begin to practice what you learn and so, reap the benefits quicker. I understand that you have busy schedules, so i have made the courses easy to follow, included some tips and work sheets that makes going through the courses easier and quicker and easy to apply into daily chores, also, interesting and motivational.

Beauty Consultant

Effective Skincare

I am also, a beauty consultant, I work with Mary Kay company and would like you to have an amazing beauty experience. I offer personalised services, for effective facial skincare routine, customised to your need, individually. I am pleased to assist you with your beauty skincare routine. I provide one-on-one consultation, a party with friends, a virtual party, makeup tips, skin care advice and free samples, that will enable you to try and see what works best for you before you buy.

Beauty product ranges

If you like to be a beauty consultant like me, get in touch, I find it a rewarding career where training is provided to help you progress in their career path.
Check out my blog page to read about; my interesting journey with the products, information about the product ranges, and their benefits.
If you prefer to shop online, by order, by email or by phone, the choice is yours, click the link below, and let’s talk!

Let’s build something together.


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