Introducing you to my book on maintaining good health, for busy mothers, ladies and even men can benefit from this learning. We want to look good, be healthy and also, be able to help our family to maintain good health and sound mind, so that we can all attain our potentials. We also want to be effective, efficient and be at our best in our work places, businesses and/or studies. The key ingredients required to help us develop and build these successes are covered in this book, grab your copy now and make the best of your time and investment from this lovely festive period onwards. You can get it on amazon, this can make a valuable gift for friends and loved ones, the kindle ebook is also available on amazon, click below to start reading:

Coaching Courses Information

A new feature has been added to my course, to encourage prospective clients to come onboard our holistic health and well-being course, this should help to make it easier, cost less and offers more towards your health and wellness, take a look by clicking the link below and you can be part of this:

When you go for the plan above, you will get full free access to our membership site on facebook for working mothers: ‘The incredible potentials’. In the site, we discuss issues that affects mothers and women, we also host live events and forums where we invite experts and specialists to teach on specific topics of interests to women and members come together with questions and get answers. The membership plan is reviewed quarterly and you can cancel anytime, i encourage you to be part of it and get these benefits, the help you need may just be right here.

Here’s what some of my clients are saying about their experience on taking my course:

Thanks to everyone who has been part of this project and to those of you who liked my posts on my social media pages. I encourage you to take a look in the courses here, by clicking the link above, the benefits you will get from them are priceless, the lessons includes how to maintain a healthy lifestyle such as healthy diet, mentality and making progressive plans for the future, after the pandemic. The lessons are a combination of my experience which includes effective methodologies, research and studies, also, from attending some training/courses and through consultation with experts in the fields of my topics. My contents are unique and consists of some my experience which is different, and you will not find anywhere.

I received some request that i break down the prices, and this might help it to be more affordable so I have done so, and provided each topic on my mini-courses for a quarter of the price, do let me know if this of interest to you, by indicating this in the comment section below. But i assure you that the full course content is priceless, below are some of the benefits you get from it:

5 Benefits that my full course offers:

•          Healthy mentality towards life

•          Healthy diet to help boost the immune system

•          Better time management, through effective planning and organisation

•          Adoption of healthier lifestyle, such as creating easy to apply exercise regimen

•          Easier approach to balance family, work, social life and include self-care.

•          Entrepreneurship and productivity towards financial growth.

Look out for more information here on healthy living and be part of this positive move towards living healthy lifestyle. It is especially essential during this period (pandemic) to ensure we live healthy in every way we can and this includes developing and maintaining a healthy mentality, good self esteem, adopting effective exercise regimen, effective time management, financial management and progress in our career, all these, are to help us now and to prepare for the future, (after the pandemic). These are what you will benefit from my full course when you purchase it, i look forward to having you on board.


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