About Us

Begin to build a healthy lifestyle and happiness, by taking a little step at a time, health is wealth and knowledge is power, learning how to live and maintain good health is key to a better future…

Gorgeouslywise site is set up with working mothers and/or entrepreneur mothers in mind. It is designed to help, inspire, encourage, empower and coach these women on how to manage challenging situations such as balancing their work/business and family lives effectively using easy to apply tried, tested and found to be effective methods and my knowledge, learnt skills, experience and expertise.

As a Theatre Scrub Nurse, Food scientist and a in Marketing Management degree holder, a mother of two and a wife, i have experienced a lot of challenges that comes with busy schedules and joggling work, family and life and been able to acquire several knowledge and skills towards making life better, less stressful and even enjoyable, after trying out different strategies, overcoming obstacles and developing effective methods and approach to my circumstances. Having achieved this, i have put together a systematic step-by-step, easy to follow methods in my coaching course, to help people who are in the situation i was, achieve the above goals. This has been possible with the help and support of my team ( see below), you can find some more information about this and to get in touch, here.

In my course – ‘Holistic health and well-being for working mothers’, i have included teaching, with work sheets on topics as follows:

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle which includes;

  • Healthy mental state development
  • diet
  • Excersise
  • Sleep
  • Finance
  • Education, career and job

and a few more topics that are more specific and customised to individual needs.

As a Christian with experience in the knowledge of the Word of God and personal encounters with Him, I offer coaching, mentoring and counselling sessions on spiritual growth, for those who desire to know God and fulfil the purpose they are created for, reach out to me if this is you.

I wrote a book on healthy living for book lovers and it covers topic like maintaining a healthy weight, healthy diet, effective exercise routine and mental health wellness, check our ‘Services’ page for more information.

I am also a beauty consultant and i work with Mary Kay company, this is a passion i have in line with helping working mothers live healthy, feel good and happy, to help them and care for themselves and their loved ones better. Check our ‘Services’ page for more information and consultation and how to reach me better.

I am happy to introduce my supporters, behind my hard work. These are very helpful people, with great visions, that inspires me to deliver high standard and quality information to you. Special thanks to my IT personnel, with his support on this site.

Let’s build something together.


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