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This site is centered on information and ideas regarding holistic health and wellness and we aim to motivate, encourage and teach our clients to practice what they learn through our coaching courses which are available here now, and in coaching and blog pages. Our courses are designed to help mothers and women, achieve well balanced lifestyles and well-being. We provide spiritual growth counselling for Christians like me who desire to do more about their purposes in life, so they can share their experiences.

Our vision is to reach out to women, especially working mothers who are struggling with balancing their ‘family and work’ lives effectively and are facing challenges, stress and difficulties maintaining good health, getting sufficient times for relaxation, self care and their families, to achieve and maintain well balanced lives, holistic health and well-being, through our coaching courses, counselling and blogs.

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You are in the right place if you want to take actions towards your goals to freedom and healthy living as described above, you can benefit from our courses which includes step by step methods into a whole health approach to a better lifestyle and well-being.

For book lovers, checkout my book on healthy living for working mothers, here and in our ‘Services’ page. This book covers topics for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and it is an easy read.

I am also a beauty consultant and i work with Mary Kay company, i have the passion to help make my customers and women feel and look good, by helping them with effective facial care routine and skincare, look in our ‘Services’ and ‘blog’ pages to learn more.

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This site is designed to provide information and to help working mothers and entrepreneur mothers, to balance work and family lives effectively while reducing stress to a minimum.

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