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I got into so many commitments and some of them were unplanned. Whenever I find an opportunity that looks promising, another juicier one presents itself and I tend to feel like it’s an opportunity that should not be missed. I then end up picking it up and juggling several things together only to find that I have not got enough time and effort to make any of them work. If this resonates with you, we are on the same page. I’ve decided now though, to focus on only one thing, what I can do best, enjoy doing and achieve better result. The book ‘The 4-hour Work Week’ by Timothy Ferriss, is a good read that helps towards this, I’ve learnt a lot from it.

At the moment I found a passion that’s working for me and I’m getting wonderful results from it, it’s my facial care routine.

I normally have dry, sensitive and blemished facial skin, which resulted partly from challenges I had with acne during my teenage years and improper management of this problem.

I have tried various soaps, creams, exfoliates, masks and all sorts of self prescribed products, sometimes i try products recommended by others, which I see is working for them, but when I try them, because my skin is sensitive, i end up with burns and blemishes.
My search ended when I came in contact with a friend and Christian sister, I noticed her beautiful skin, and kept wondering how she maintains her skin in the midst of her busy schedules as a mum and business woman, she runs two businesses and she participates regularly in the Christian community activities.

I eventually asked her and she introduced this amazing products to me, I took up the review process and got recommendations from one of the beauty consultants, for my skin type. These products are dermatologically and ophthalmologist tested on different skin types as I learnt when I did my research, my due diligence, so I don’t need any expensive professional skin care appointment. The first three uses made positive changes to my skin. I did not develop burnt-looking blemishes like I do with other products. I need to mention also, that I do not like to do too much fuss on my skin, I have little patience and time to use several products on my face continuously, so these products are just ideal and useful for busy lifestyles, because I only started with four facial essentials, not to forget the night cream, and one only needs to apply very little blob per use due to its effectiveness, so it lasts for a couple of months. Another exciting thing for me about this products is that the moisturising face creams are recommended to be used on the neck area as well and works on these area to provide the same rejuvenating, moisturising, sun-protecting and anti-ageing effects! this is genius! no one wants to have a smooth youthful face and a rough, wrinkled neck that just gives everything away and ruins the whole point, it’s so awesome to be able to wear comfortable clothes and feel good rather than to have to cover up the neck, especially during warm season.

These four essentials are;

  • The face cleanser,
  • Eye cream moisturiser
  • sunscreen moisturising face cream
  • Moisturising night cream after facial cleansing.

The best thing here is that the sunscreen cream is versatile, because it also contains antioxidants which protects the skin against age-accelerating free radicals. It contains SPF 30, which protects the skin from the sun’s rays as these rays can cause skin cancer if not well regulated. This cream also prevents premature ageing, fine lines and wrinkles. It contains moisturising ingredients that moisturises, locks in moisture and rejuvenates the skin, leaving it smooth, supple and glowing, and you get these results in just 4weeks!.

I didn’t stop there though, because I was so excited about my discovery and I know friend’s and other people who have been battling with skin problems such as acne, dry skin, combination skin, blemished or oily skin, that can benefit from these products, as they cover wide range of skin problems. I decided to enrol into their training program, to be a beauty consultant, it’s quite achievable, and I am enjoying helping and advising people on effective facial care.

There are other wide ranges of useful Mary Kay skin care products as well, such as the hand care set, lip care set, facial exfoliates and eye care products, unique coloured and textured make ups and foundations and exotic fragrances. I will share my use and progress with the hand care products here next, they work so well to help my hands feel soft, youthful and feminine.
Interested in any of the other beauty products? find out more by browsing my Mary Kay site below:

If you need a facial review consultation, you can get in touch with me on here, or in the website below, and I’ll get back to you promptly. Give the only skin you have, the great care you desire.
Also, if you’re interested in becoming a beauty consultant like me, let me know. It’s a rewarding career in which i enjoy doing what I am passionate about, I help myself and other women like me feel and look good and there is training to help members succeed in their businesses and to progress in status and financially.
You can also, watch and follow my face care journey by clicking and following me on my Instagram skincare page, below. In there, I share facial skincare tips and products, see you in there.

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I am a working class/ entrepreneur mum of two, I have a passion to influence and help especially mums like me and others to achieve their potentials and live a well balanced life style, using my experience, acquired skills and knowledge. I also love trendy fashion, composing poems and song lyrics, singing and dancing are my passion. I will be sharing some of my experiences here and I encourage others to share so we can lift one another up.

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