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Happiness improves health
A good smile is contagious

Do you get Monday jitters and feel like the weekends should be longer? I often hear people say they hate Mondays because they have to go to work on Mondays, after the weekend. I usually do feel a bit apprehensive most times on Sunday nights when I think about having to go to work the next day and the Friday feeling is usually the opposite for me and most of my colleagues.

I thought of ways to motivate myself and change this feelings to excitement and enthusiasm, so I began to work on my personal growth, knowledge and development.

I thought deeply about the cause of my discomfort, and realised there is a deep desire within me to acquire more knowledge required to progress, I needed more skills and the ability to express these effectively. So I prayed about it, trusted God and began to seek more knowledge.

I enrolled in a carer development course in leadership, got some inspirational, spiritual growth and self development books online and began reading and learning.

I soon found that my knowledge in more diverse areas of life began to increase and so did my confidence, my reasoning ability and my interactions with people improved. I also noticed that people began to pay more attention to me and I was talking lots of senses.

My Monday blues began to be replaced by enthusiasm, I became needed, sought after for advice, and I was equipped to provide these effectively, this is amazing!

Lack of enthusiasm, I learnt, is usually caused by the inability to see yourself as being useful, needed or appreciated or if you lack purpose.

Lack of enthusiasm, I learnt is usually caused by the inability to see yourself as being useful, needed or appreciated or if you lack purpose.

According to Maslows Hierarchy of Needs, we move from state of needs which are basic and essential, to higher needs, as soon as those need are met. He explained that we eventually get to a stage in our development and acquisitions, where we seek self-fulfilment, personal growth and accomplishment, and to become the most one can be, this is the highest level on the hierarchy and he called it self-actualisation needs. A lot of people who have families, jobs and businesses are getting to, or at this level in life and so, they seek to be more and to do more in their circle, community and generation. We want to continue to make more impacts and be useful, to progress and be in a higher position where we can contribute better, especially when we feel we are under-achieving, but this need is usually a hidden and denied part of the subconscious and comes out as a frustrating jitters and Monday blues.

The most we can do though, is to bring this need to light, work on it and while working on it, make the effort to motivate and encourage ourselves and envision ourselves in the position where we desire to be.

Mary Kay Ash explained in her book that if a mother begins the day in a grumpy mood, it is most likely that the whole family will leave the house feeling grumpy and the effect is opposite if she was and expresses happiness. Even though she might not feel like it, every mother should make the effort to smile and speak cheerfully to her household and this automatically transfers a feeling of positivity and happiness to them and to herself. They in turn, go out there and spread the joy.

I know it can be daunting sometimes to feel enthusiastic, especially if you’ve recently been through some setbacks or discouraging situations, but know that whatever you’re going through should not rule you or determine your future, it’s worth the effort to shake it off and let your mind dwell on lovely things that makes you happy. I usually meditate on God’s Word in the bible and declare His promises for me. I will go deeper on the effect of doing this and how it is works for me, in my next blog.

Enthusiasm is contagious and can be cultivated on a continuous basis.

The bible says in Prov 17:22, that a joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones. So adopting a cheerful and enthusiastic attitude is not only motivating, but also aids good health, mind, soul and body.


Published by Mauratee Tai

I am a working class/ entrepreneur mum of two, I have a passion to influence and help especially mums like me and others to achieve their potentials and live a well balanced life style, using my experience, acquired skills and knowledge. I also love trendy fashion, composing poems and song lyrics, singing and dancing are my passion. I will be sharing some of my experiences here and I encourage others to share so we can lift one another up.

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