My Story

How my Business idea began:

My desire to help help working mothers achieve a healthy, well balanced lifestyle and well-being so that they can contribute their good potentials and skills they have within them, began on a day when a family friend came to visit us early last year. She is a young mother of two and was worried about her weight, she said she had been trying to lose weight for a while now especially after she had her last child who was around two years old then, but she had been finding it so difficult to keep the excess weight off. I asked her what effort she had been making to achieve her weight loss, because i had seen several colleagues from work facing the same problem and struggle and i spoke to some of them to offer them help.

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She told me that she had tried by joining the gym in the past and attended weight loss regime with a trainer, but it became rigorous for her to keep up and she was not getting quick enough result, as soon as she stopped, she began to put back on the weight, the same had happened to her when she tried different weight loss programs in the past, most of which were diet related, but she kept putting back on the weight after these programs ended, she said that some of the programs became too rigorous, and expensive and so she had to stop. She said she found one weight loss program online recently and she felt it looked reasonable, so she had started to follow the steps and it cost her £500 per month, but she felt it does not seem to be working much for her. I was shocked at the price she was paying to lose weight and thought in myself that i have better ways around this problem, from my experience and knowledge, i can reach out to people like her with my easier and cheaper method and help them achieve the result i had, i knew weight problem is usually not caused by one aspect of the activities of daily living, it stems from different underlying causes some of which are our mental health, lifestyle and diet, to name a few. This thought stayed in my mind and i began building on it. After asking my young friend few more detailed questions, i explained to her how i kept my weight off without so much rigours and this encouraged her.

I have been seeing online advertisements and invitation to learn how i can teach what i know and make this lucrative, i was interested but did not know how to do this or what to progress with, so after i spoke to my young friend the idea played on my mind and then there was a moment when i read online about how a woman in particular, taught her expertise online with ease and style, i was encouraged and i joined her course as i was interested and her price was good, she also had a lot of students and membership site. I learnt a lot from her course and this really motivated me to start my own coaching course.

My vision is to reach out, using a holistic approach, to working mothers who are facing challenges with balancing their work and family lives and struggling with maintaining good health, having a self care time and quality family times, to achieve and maintain a holistic health and a well balanced lifestyle, based on my personal experience, learnt skills, research and a found to be effective methods. I want my clients to enjoy practicing what i teach in my course and then be able to reach out to other women who are struggling with the same challenges.

For updates and more information about my course, check my coaching page on this site. Hope you all keep keeping safe and positively occupied through this period, the topic on maintaining a positive, healthy mental state taught in my course should be a helpful one during this times, don’t miss it, and i believe the sun will come out tomorrow.


Protection during this trying period

Good handwashing practice can help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.
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This past few days has been filled with apprehension and a lot of information is going on about the corona virus (covid-19), i got to hear about it in the news of it’s spreading around in China and people getting infected and loosing their lives. It seemed like one of those scary epidemic infections that would soon die off like the SARS, Eboli and the likes, but this became an increasing source of worry days later, when i heard it has got into the United Kingdom and that people were being diagnosed and dying of the infection in Italy. Few days later, i heard in the news that the disease was in the USA and in most part of the world and a lot of people are dead due to it, the scare really got to me when i heard that two elderly people had died in the hospital where i work, which is close to my home, i felt like what is this coming to?! my children attend a school just 10 minutes walk from my home and i am worried for them, especially when some countries announced the closure of schools and this is yet to be the case here.

I have done a lot of reading about this deadly virus, after all i learnt that knowledge is power, but everything i read has just helped to increase my fear of it. I learnt though, that the best thing to do is to eat healthy so you can have a strong immunity to fight it and also, protect yourself from catching it by not going in crowded areas, stay some distance away from people who are coughing or sneezing and catch your own cough and sneeze in a tissue and bin the tissue immediately. Wash your hands with antibacterial hand wash for at least 20 seconds after you get home from outdoor activities such as work or shopping, have an antibacterial hand gel with you when you are out and about and rub this on your hands after contact with surfaces such as door handles. Avoid shaking hands and hugging people and many more, these are the key ways to prevent catching the virus.

Therefore i’m doing everything i can to protect myself and my family from contacting the disease, i would like to stop my children from going to school for now, but i have to wait for the Government to announce school closures, i’m seriously waiting for this news. I learnt that children have shown to be more immune to the infection but they can acquire it and carry it in their bodies for a while and hence they can infect the more vulnerable people such as the elderly or people with low immunity they come in close contact with. As soon as my children walk through the door from school, i take them to the bathroom and get them to wash their hands thoroughly with the antibacterial hand wash. I have wiped the door handles, light switches and sinks, toilets and other surfaces around my home with antibacterial spray and i do this regularly, to help kill off any traces of the virus. I suggest that every parcel, letters and deliveries be sprayed as well, or a good hand washing should be done after handling such.

All said and done, i hope we get over this problem quickly for good like other past outbreaks and i pray we will not be infected by it, i think the disease will enable people to improve their personal hygiene, i heard it is helping families to come together and unite to fight a common enemy and to appreciate one another, more. I hope it makes people to seek God more and to seek to know Him and to be right with Him and also to pray more, repent and seek to live righteous lives and say NO to sins.

I pray that God will heal our land, (If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their evil ways; then will i hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins and will heal their land, 2 Chr 7:14).

Coaching and counselling sessions

Hello friends, it’s been a while, I’ve been busy lately planning and organising some events in my business, I’m onto a good one at the moment, see below:

I’ve got encouraging feedbacks and their interest to know more, from family and friends about my wellness and well-being coaching and I’ve been having so much fun helping people, that I decided to do more trainings on this topic of. You all have been asking me so much about how to balance work and family life effectively, weight loss and more topics on my list, so I’m offering free 10 (yes ten) 15 minutes coaching to try this out prior to launching my course which I’m towards mid February. You can book for this coaching by going into my Facebook page:, then clicking on the ‘book now’ button on this page, and choose a time and I’ll get back to you. I will also be holding a 2days coaching course on the 12th/13th of February titled (Time Management to aid reduce stress and well-being), we need to optimise our time, If you are stuck in a rut and running a hectic, vicious cycle on day-to -day basis, this course will be perfect for you to sign up for. If you purchase before February 8th, you’ll be able to grab a 25% discount, I will post the full information on it here soon, please look out and do express your interest below if you know anyone who you feel, will benefit from this coaching, do inform them to express their interest as well, let’s make this year the best so far 😆👏🏽

Let’s Work Together

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Welcome to the home of ideas and teaching and learning for working mothers and/or entrepreneur mothers, i am a nurse, food technologist, an entrepreneur, a coach on wellness and holistic health and a mum. I use my knowledge, learnt skills, experience and expertice, tried and tested and found to be effective method to coach and help working mothers and/or entrepreneur mothers to find a good balance between work/business and family life while reducing stress to a minimum and also creating self care time and enjoy life generally. My course covers areas such as adopting a healthy mindset and lifestyle, effective time management, maintaining healthy diet, sleep pattern and a few more.

Do join me on my upcoming facebook live event on my page- GorgeousT, taking place on the 11th of January 2020, at 6pm United Kingdom time. It is a 30 minutes live programs where you can type in your questions and i will try and answer them as muich as possible. I will be teaching working mothers about some of the topics i listed above and more about my course, i look forward to having you on board.